Use Webinars To Grow Your List, Convert More Buyers, And Get More Clients, With JP Maroney

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jp maroneyMost of us know that hosting and promoting webinars grows your list and converts more prospects into customers than a PDF special report.

The problem: many marketers have no idea how to properly design, promote, and host webinars that convert.

To help us solve this, we’re excited to have “Mr. Monetizer,” JP Maroney, join us on Business Creators’ Radio and reveal how webinars help you grow your list, get more clients, sell more products, and increase your bottom line!


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JP Maroney, is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Marocom Group, a collection of companies and joint ventures involved in publishing, software, media, training, consulting and internet commerce. Today, as co-founder and Chairman of Marocom, LLC aka Marocom Group, JP Maroney controls ventures in publishing, media, training, consulting and internet commerce. A thorough researcher, writer and best-selling author, JP Maroney is the author or co-author of more than 30 books and audio/video learning systems. His in-demand articles and columns appear in dozens of print and online publications throughout the US and Internationally. Additionally, he has collaborated, organized and published business and self-improvement books with more than 70 other speakers, trainers and consultants. A frequent keynote and seminar speaker, JP Maroney has lived through what most speakers can only "talk" about. He teaches proven principles, ideas and strategies that have been hammered out on the anvil of experience. In the process, he blends his personal stories and experiences with real-world, applicable knowledge to create a memorable, motivating event for every person in attendance.