#Values: The Secret to Top Level Performance in Business and Life, With Dr. Betty Uribe

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How do some entrepreneurs and business owners seem to have everything they want from their work and life? What is their secret to success and happiness?

The secret to top-level performance will be revealed during our call.

Joining Adam this week is Dr. Betty Uribe. She is an award-winning authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnarounds and peak performance.

In this call, you will learn:
  • The definition of Values Based Leadership
  • The roles integrity and congruency play in leaders
  • The value mentoring brings into the lives of those who are being mentored
  • The 6 styles of leadership
  • The definition of the decision model and how it can help leaders make better decisions

About This Guest: ()

Dr. Betty Uribe is the Executive Vice President of California Bank & Trust (CB&T)’s Greater Southern California Division. She has P&L responsibility for Commercial, Business and Personal Banking, which also includes its distribution network. California Bank & Trust is a $12 billion organization and a division of Zions Bancorporation, which has over $55 billion in assets. Under Uribe’s leadership, CB&T has been named the “Best Bank in Orange County” by the Orange County Register for three consecutive years. During Dr. Uribe’s twenty-eight year banking career with California Bank & Trust, Comerica Bank, and Wells Fargo Bank, examples of her accomplishments have included effecting business turnarounds, rolling out over 100 new retail and business banking locations, achieving over a 20% increase in annualized pre-tax profits in a declining economy, generating double-digit revenue growth in less than twelve months, achieving double-digit expense management, and significant increases in efficiency ratios. Her turnaround work was featured as best-in-class by the Corporate Executive Board and presented to 30 banks around the world. Throughout her career Dr. Uribe has led the transformation of organizations, cultures, and teams through values-based leadership. Uribe is widely regarded and sought out as an expert leader of turnarounds in financial services including commercial and retail banking, merchant payment solutions, business turnarounds, marketing, public relations, risk management, and strategic planning. Her entrepreneurial background, having owned several small businesses in the U.S. and abroad, has given her a deep understanding of various industries and businesses. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, organizational turnarounds, and peak performance, she has been honored consistently for her strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. Included in the many awards received by Dr. Uribe are “The Top 25 National Corporate Elite” and “The Most Prominent Latina in Los Angeles and Northern California.” Dr. Uribe is an internationally renowned bi-lingual and bi-cultural speaker and author. A recognized expert in values-based leadership, Uribe has spoken to large diverse audiences in North America, South America and Asia, and has consulted with universities, banks, and large businesses in Canada, Central America, China, Europe, Israel, North & South America, Russia, and Singapore. Her writing has been published in financial and business publications and trade journals in Canada, China, Colombia, Mexico, North America, Singapore, and Russia. She has been featured in local, national, and international media including print, television, and radio. Dr. Uribe’s service on private, educational, and non-profit boards of directors includes serving as a Director of Next Step Asia, a Board Member of Concordia University, the Chair of the Board of Visitors of the Pepperdine University School of Education and Psychology, an Executive Board Member of the California Asian Chamber of Commerce, and the Chair of Parents Step Ahead. Dr. Uribe earned both her Doctorate with honors in Organizational Leadership and her MBA in Finance and Strategy from Pepperdine University. She graduated with honors from the Graduate School of Banking of the University of Virginia and also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Diego State University. A mother of three, she currently resides in Southern California.