Stop Working IN Your Business So You Can Work ON Your Business, With Josh Fonger

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on September 19, 2019

Many entrepreneurs/business owners see their worlds as a complex, confused, random mass of sights, sounds, and events. And because of this misperception of reality, they find themselves working long stressed hours, killing fires and performing endless recurring tasks…and are almost always contending with cash flow problems.

There is no time or money to build solid infrastructure, coddle customers, train staff properly or do the creative tasks necessary for growth. It’s incredibly frustrating to know that there are growth possibilities but to not be able to make it happen.

Business performance architect, Josh Fonger, joins Adam in this episode to show you how to stop working in your business and get your life back!


  • How to stop working IN your business and starting working ON it;
  • What a yo-yo business is and how do you break free from it;
  • The Work the System Method;
  • What the Systems Mindset is and why it’s necessary for business growth;
  • Personal productivity tips Josh has learned from working with over 600 entrepreneurs;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to get your time back, work less and earn more, don’t miss this call!

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Josh Fonger is a business performance architect and the co-founder of Work The System. He is an international business consultant, coach, and speaker. He’s had the unique experience of personally helping hundreds of businesses grow simply, using the WTS Method. His specialty is taking stressed out entrepreneurs from working “in” their business to working “on” their business using systems, so that profit and freedom become a consistent mechanical reality.