Find Your Hidden Money, With Syndee Hendricks

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on September 24, 2019

Money is hidden in nearly every part of your business, life, and how you do things.

The secret and proven strategies to finding your hidden money is in the details of what you have and have not been doing or seeing.

Joining Adam to help us discover how to make more money by working smarter and in new ways, is award-winning business consultant, Syndee Hendricks.


  • Where to look for hidden money within yourself;
  • How to find hidden money in your business;
  • Why it may have been elusive to you
  • And much more!

If you are looking for your hidden money, you will want to tune in!

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Award winning, certified business consultant, international best-selling author, corporate and online trainer, Syndee Hendricks provides invaluable insight, inspiration, and action plans that catapult her clients from struggling to thriving in her international coaching/consulting practice. She led multi-millions dollar divisions of the US nations’ top retailers to record-breaking performance and revenues, winning awards year after year. She was selected as a Premier Success Coach for eWomenNetwork January 2015 - December 2018. As CEO of Imagine More Success, LLC, she is co-hosting her syndicated International weekly radio show at which is broadcast by REL-MAR Media Corp, on XZBN, iHeart Radio, Blog Talk Radio/Spreaker and more.