Social Media ReThinkIt, With Donna Cravotta

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Donna Cravotta

Do you want to be more visible to your target market?

Want to connect with the media?

SEO, social media and public relations are powerful tools and when used correctly, can quickly grow your business and your reputation as an industry leader. By focusing on relationship building rather than selling, ROI and growing numbers, you will easily connect with relevant influencers and media outlets and opportunities that you did not know existed simply appear.

Donna Cravotta is going to help us rethink our approach to social media!

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Donna Cravotta is the CEO of Social Sage PR™, a boutique digital media agency and home of the Total Social PR System™. Social Sage PR has a unique social media strategy based on listening and engagement. Donna shares effective techniques to use social media, SEO and PR to find the right conversations online, build relationships and turn possibilities into business opportunities. Donna's system melds marketing strategy, planning and social tools to be heard above the noise online and open doors to quickly and easily connect with the right people at a deeper, more meaningful level...connections that lead to business.