Self Publishing Your Book Vs Traditional Publishing, With Ken Dunn

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Ken DunnThere are literally millions of books in print today. With the advent of Kindle and tablets, ebooks have become increasingly popular. This also created a new industry with self-publishing.

How do you choose with avenue is right for your book? Do you self publish or go with traditional publishing?

Ken Dunn is CEO/Founder of Next Century Publishing and has the answer to your publishing questions.

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Who Is Ken Dunn? Ken Dunn is not only the creator of the new platform Readers Legacy, he is also an author of 4 books and the publisher of Next Century Publishing. Next Century Publishing has been dubbed by Publishers Weekly as being of one of the fastest growing hybrid book publishing companies in the United States. Looking For A Little More History? As CEO/Founder of Next Century Publishing, Ken Dunn is currently leading the charge in changing the way people write, read and experience books. After spending 14 years in investigative and tactical policing, Dunn was able to hone deep organization and leadership skills, but also spark an entrepreneurial fire that laid deep inside. Throughout his policing career, Dunn was always starting businesses. In 2001, Dunn started KPLJ Investments Mortgage Origination and from there the business grew rapidly due to its groundbreaking direct selling techniques which ultimately forced Dunn to leave law enforcement. Dunn, wanting to do more and play his hand at starting other businesses, sold KPLJ in 2005. In the past decade, Dunn has traveled to 40 different countries building sales, organizations and teaching leadership. Dunn's achievements in direct selling ultimately led him to join the publishing industry.