Use the Power of Simple Systems to Stop Being a Slave to your Small Business, With Joshua Latimer

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Joshua Latimer

What are the keys to making your small business flourish? According to Joshua Latimer, they are found primarily in strong leadership, passion, and SYSTEMS. Yes, systems. He didn’t invent the idea of systems, but he is a firm believer in them. He advocates putting systems in place for almost everything you do internally as a company, from the way you order equipment, to disciplining a tough employee. Join us as he explains why systems are important how “poor systemization” can even lead to you becoming trapped inside your business!

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Joshua Latimer founded, grew and sold a cleaning business in Michigan. With over 20 employees and $150,000 per month in revenue Joshua understands how to use systems inside small business. Joshua loves to coach, teach, and help other small business owners learn how to stop being a slave to their small businesses.