How to Multiply Your Wealth as a Business Leader, With Kemi Egan

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Kemi Egan
Is Real Estate just an expensive hobby or can it be a really profitable business? For Kemi Egan, it has become a profitable business and path forward, taking her from a state of homelessness just a few years ago to becoming a successful entrepreneur today. She’ll share with us about her own journey to success, how you can use failure to your advantage, and the importance of developing a strategy that can give you not only financial freedom, but freedom of location.

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Kemi Egan is the 27-time #1 bestselling author of the power of real estate investing, founder of Freedom Academies and host of New World real Estate podcast. She is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and trainer. After becoming homeless in her early twenties, Kemi set about finding out what it was that the successful and wealthy people in the world knew, that she didn't. Within twelve months of making that decision, Kemi raised $1M joint venture finance to buy a real estate portfolio of $2 million. Her life was transformed and she is now on a mission to help as many other people as possible create long-term wealth.