Optimize Your Digital Training and Online Courses for the Mobile, Smartphone World, With Isaac Tolpin

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Digital training and online courses are the hottest new thing. Everything is online now. You can reach people globally, materials are right at users fingertips. It’s a win/win right?

​Maybe not. More and more people are running their lives through their phones. If your courses aren’t properly optimized for smartphones, you could be losing money.

In this episode, Isaac Tolpin, joins Adam to discuss the importance of mobile optimization and how you can easily optimize your online training courses.

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Isaac is one of the Founders of ConveYour.com, the #1 Micro-Learning platform for influencers and companies. He’s a tech entrepreneur and futurist at heart, on a mission, enabling brands to authentically connect and inform at scale with over 105 million in combined revenues from the companies he’s helped build. His success comes from understanding the relationships between human behavior, business and technology. This expertise has helped celebrity influencers and companies to transform their knowledge into humanized digital training. His recent background includes, cultivating a vineyard, keynote speaker, digital marketer, and EdTech disrupter through the pioneering Mirco-Training technology, ConveYour.com, the platform that’s improving the way influencers and organizations connect and train their people. He brings a visionary mindset to his family by creating a legacy raising and educating their 7 children with his wife Angie Tolpin of Courageousmom.com. He refuses to waste his life achieving the world’s definition of success that leave so many empty, but instead does what matters through the projects he’s involved with, those he serves, and the family he leads.