Discover 7 Ways To Get More Customers From ONE Single Solitary Piece Of Content, With Lainie Cotell

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Are you running out of interesting things to say on social media and your blog? Why does your next product launch keep getting delayed?  Lainie Cotell, Content Creation Expert, joins me to show you the fast and easy way to multipurpose your content, grow your business, and get more customers!

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As the founder of MagiScript, Lainie Cotell works with numerous coaches, trainers, and speakers who want to easily create follow-on products from transcripts. When you have high-quality transcripts, you can repurpose them for blog posts, articles, an e-book, a collection of advice and great ideas, an e-course, special report, etc. All you need is a transcript that’s ready to go. Lainie has perfected the process for creating "product-ready" transcripts - complete and ready for delivery, sale, or repurposing with little or no added work for you or anyone else on your team.