Leverage Your List: Conversation to Conversion, With Patty Farmer

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Effective list attraction, retention and monetization skills are ESSENTIAL for long-term success! Permission-based patty-farmerrelationship marketing is the fastest, most effective way to grow your list AND your bank account. You’ve probably heard that your list is your virtual audience or marketplace. It’s true that the size of your list matters, but the real secret is in knowing what to do with your list once you’ve built it. In this episode, Business Growth Strategist Patty Farmer and Adam talk lists! During their interview, Patty shares some simple but effective list-building strategies to grow a big list, merge it with your social media strategies, and monetize and leverage it for conversions.


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Patty Farmer is an international speaker, radio host, event producer and best-selling author. She specializes in marketing and business GROWTH strategies and works with lifestyle entrepreneurs and speakers to attract and convert their ideal clients 24/7 so they can make a bigger impact in the world, and even bigger deposits in their bank account.