Is Your Digital Transformation Stuck? With Patrick McCreesh

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 12, 2022

There are many ways to be “stuck” in an organization and hold back change. Organizations undergoing digital transformation often miss the mark — but that’s because they’re looking at technology as the solution, not people.

Even for organizations that reopen as the pandemic winds down, the workplace will never be the same: the pivot to remote and blended workforces, the rise of analytics and AI, and other changes have already taken place. Yet many employees and organizations still aren’t ready.

In his book, Stuck: How to Win at Work by Understanding Loss, Patrick McCreesh spells out three simple but powerful strategies for getting your people and your organization to “un-stick” when it comes to digital transformation. 
He joins Adam to discuss those strategies as well as:

  • How a technology fallacy makes organizations overlook the human factor in digital transformation.
  • How to see digital transformation holistically.
  • How to get people to “un-stick” and embrace and adopt change.
  • And much more!

​Digital transformation isn’t that easy. Tune in and learn how to refocus on people, not tech, for success.  

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Patrick McCreesh, PhD is an organizational expert with decades of experience in Fortune 500, public and private organizations worldwide. He is the author, along with Victoria Grady, of Stuck: How to Win at Work by Understanding Loss. He is the managing partner of Simatree, and serves as adjunct faculty at Georgetown University and George Mason University Business School.