Building the Ultimate Marketing Agency, With Itamar Shafir

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 10, 2022

A strong brand is based on TRUST. And TRUST translates into SALES.

Do you have hundreds of testimonials and reviews?

Do you have case studies for all niches and services in digital marketing?

Are you updating unique content on social networks?

Do you advertise?

Do you have a podcast?

To help your clients and grow your business, you need to provide an encompassing suite of marketing services.

If you’re building an agency or trying to scale, you probably already know that doing everything yourself limits your growth. No one understand this more than Itamar Shafir, author of Building the Ultimate Marketing Agency.

In this episode, Itamar and Adam discuss:

  • The main challenges to starting an agency/business/startup and how to overcome them
  • How critical pricing strategy is to small businesses
  • How an agency can differentiate itself in a commoditized eco-system
  • The difference between a marketing agency and a fractional CMO
  • Why so many entrepreneurs fail where just a few succeed
  • And so much more!

Growing your marketing business is much easier when fulfilment, lead generation and branding are done for you. Tune in and learn how it’s done!

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Itamar Shafir is the CEO of Umbrella Micro Enterprises Inc. Umbrella is a platform powering thousands of small marketing agencies and people who want to build a marketing agency. Before Umbrella, Itamar was the founder and CEO of Appforma, an automated marketing platform for small businesses that was acquired by Algomizer (ALGO]. Appforma was the 1st Facebook Innovation Competition Award Winner. In addition to working with thousands of entrepreneurs for years and helping them build their marketing businesses, he’s also working and investing in Tech-Startups such as and MeshEconomy. As a family and businessman, Itamar loves to share his knowledge and advice about Marketing, Tech, B2B SaaS, Gig-Economy landscape, and everything in between.