How Can HR Drive Business Results? With Ed Krow

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on June 23, 2020

71% of CEOs believe their employees are the most important factor in their company’s economic success. The Human Resources planning process is simply the process by which organizations determine how to properly staff to meet business needs and customer demands. Despite the need, nearly a third of HR professionals say their departments need to improve strategic alignment!

The closer the alignment between HR and an organization’s overall business strategy, the better the company’s ability to anticipate and respond to customer needs and maintain a competitive advantage. Research, planning, and development involving workforce culture, behaviors, and competencies promote the successful execution of business strategy.

Certified HR expert, Ed Krow, spends his days helping companies build strong HR strategies. This week, he joins Adam to give us a few pointers.


  • Six key areas where HR can contribute to the overall strategic business plan;
  • Why Strategic Human Resource Planning is important;
  • Benefits of Strategic HR Management;
  • Objectives of Strategic HR Management;
  • And much more!

Could your HR department use some fine tuning? Don’t miss this episode!

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Ed works with executives and business owners who are struggling with people problems, such as adapting to changing business conditions and customer, investor, or community expectations. He is an advocate for using Organizational Development strategies to drive business results. He speaks to senior leaders across the United States and Canada about how to turn their people into strategic contributors. Ed is certified as a speaker, trainer, and coach through The John Maxwell Team, maintains membership in the National Speakers Association, and is a regular contributor to He is the author of "Strategic HR: Driving Bottom Line Results Through Your People".