Harshajyoti Das

Harshajyoti Das is an Author, Entrepreneur, and the CEO at Munmi IT Solutions LLP (a Facebook re-targeting company). He has written 6 back-to-back bestsellers and is currently writing 2 more books. He is also the founder of FireYourMentor.com (a platform for self-published authors).

He has 7 years of experience as an internet marketer and has consulted over 1000 businesses since 2010.

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Harshajyoti Das's Guest Appearances

Can You Really Live on Passive Income? With Harshajyoti Das

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 26, 2015 0 Comments

Harshajyoti DasAre you creating multiple streams of income? Most likely you sell some sort of service and maybe a few products. But chances are your income depends on the service portion of your business.

Is it possible to make a living solely on passive income?

Guest expert, Harshajyoti Das is going to share his tips for creating passive income streams that could supersede what you would make with just service income alone.