Elayne Whitfield

Elayne is a true Canadian trailblazer and has been hailed as one of the premier Master Virtual Assistants in Canada. Always one step ahead of the pack; Elayne made the natural transition to Online Marketing Management many years ago when the movement was little more than an abstract idea in the minds of many. Now regarded as an expert in the field, she remains the President of Executive Assistance Business Solutions Inc. and is the CEO of OMM Solutions in addition to the creator of Online Marketing Made Simple the Director of both the Global Alliance of Virtual Assistants and the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants and the co-author of How to Build a Successful Virtual Assistant Business which was used in VA college diploma programs. She is a champion of small businesses in Canada and is the very epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit. Elayne is a gifted businessperson; author, mentor, speaker, and trainer.

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How to Leverage a Virtual Assistant, With Elayne Whitfield

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Elayne Whitfield

… so that they are an Investment, NOT an expense.

There comes a point in every business where you just cannot continue to go it alone. You have to get help.

Working with a virtual assistant is fast becoming the most popular way to growing your business without the expenses that come with hiring actual employees.

There are many questions that come up when an entrepreneur thinks about working with a virtual assistant (or VA for short).

Master Virtual Assistant, Elayne Whitfield, shares her expertise gleamed from years in the industry and will help you determine how you can leverage a VA so they become an investment in your business…not an expense.