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Donna Gunter, Amazon #1 best-selling author of Brand Yourself as the Trusted Local Celebrity and Biz Smart Quick Guide: 10 Strategies to Online Visibility for More Traffic, Clicks and Profit!, helps entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers, coaches and professionals stop the client chase by leveraging their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry. She then dramatically amplifies their message and shows them how to convert the new audience into high-paying customers. Using her proven Become Business Famous signature seven-step system, she works together with her clients to build powerful personal brands and grow their businesses through speaking, publishing, and publicity. Donna is host of Main Street Mavericks Radio and a writer for Business Innovators Magazine. Donna resides in Orange, TX, with her husband, Eric.

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Become Business Famous, with Donna Gunter

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A key ingredient in small business success is getting your prospects to choose you. When you become the obvious choice, prospects start chasing you instead of you chasing them. The lead to prospect to customer conversion process is easier, and the percentage of prospect to customer conversions are much higher. Customers will be eager to refer you to everyone they know.

The secret in making your prospects choose you is pretty easy to do. It’s not as difficult as the gurus might tell you. And, when used correctly, it will dramatically position you as the obvious “go to authority.” This secret is to become Business Famous by writing your own book that is specifically designed to start the sales conversation with your perfect prospects by addressing the most common fears, misconceptions, and obstacles that you can help them with. Think of it almost like an introductory meeting you’d have with your perfect prospect.

Joining Adam is Amazon best-selling author, Donna Gunter. Donna shares how to create a short, easy-to-read book that you can print for a little more than the cost of a brochure and hand out to prospective clients.


  • The six biggest ways a book can build your local business;
  • The single biggest mistake most local business owners make that cripples their book’s money-making ability, and how you can avoid it;
  • The time-tested method local business owners use to write a quality book fast (in as few as 60 minutes);
  • The three most effective strategies local business owners use to make money with their book;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to become business famous, don’t miss this show!