Barry Magliarditi

Barry Magliarditi is Founding Director of The Game Changers and has been recognised for his thought leadership by the 30 under 30, 2015 Telstra Business awards and was chosen as Australian Coach of the Year for the 2016 Invia Innovation and Excellence in Business Coaching in Australia.

A master of his craft and described as ”The Magician,” Barry is always entertaining, heart based and life changing while upholding a deep respect for every individual and their story. Barry has had his fair share of challenges and hardship, yet through every triumph has discovered that the key exists in the “Inner Game”.

By working on his Inner Game, Barry was able to create real, tangible and sustainable results in his “Outer Game," leading to great success. After seeing so many business owners suffering quietly, struggling with cash flow, strained by growth and leading a stressful life at home, just as he once had experienced, he discovered his calling...

This was the catalyst that sparked the creation of The Game Changers Business and Community. Since starting, Barry has assisted business owners to create the same tangible results in their businesses
(averaging 3-4X growth in revenue and profits) while watching their personal lives expand and grow too.

Barry is a Peak Performance Coach based in Perth, Australia and is here to facilitate sustainable, heart based change that affects all aspects of life in a positive way.

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Barry Magliarditi's Guest Appearances

Building a Purpose-Driven Business That Works Without You, with Barry Magliarditi

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Your business is a vehicle to consciously create your future and live a lifestyle of your choosing. Which means, you run your business…not the other way around.

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs let their business run their lives and dictate their lifestyle. It is possible to build a strong, purpose-driven business that works when you’re not in the driver’s seat.

How? Peak Performance Coach, Barry Magliarditi, joins Adam to teach us exactly that…how to build a business that runs on its own.


  • How systems and processes can streamline and automate your business;
  • Why too many entrepreneurs are burning the midnight oil and how to stop;
  • How your thoughts and beliefs affect business and business growth;
  • What the ‘Inner Game’ is and how it works;
  • And much more!

If you’re ready to put your purpose-driven business on autopilot, don’t miss this episode!