Get More Leads and Sell More With Facebook Ads, With Mojca Zove

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Facebook Advertising is a like a complex machine with a lot of cogs and wheels you can position in different ways.
If you position them correctly, your business will flourish with the help of effective and profitable Facebook Advertising.
If you position them in a slightly different way, you risk losing your money and — frankly — patience to ever do it again.

Unfortunately, the latter scenario is a lot more common than the former.

In this episode, Adam teams up with social media and Facebook expert, Mojca Zove.


  • Why Facebook ads are important for business owners;
  • How to get started using Facebook ads;
  • How to find your target audience;
  • The biggest mistakes people make using Facebook ads;
  • And much more!

If you are ready to uncover the science behind using Facebook to drive more leads to your website, tune in!

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Mojca Zove is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads. She's the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign. She's an international speaker and the creator of The Science of Facebook Ads, video course that teaches you how to consistently launch profitable Facebook Ad campaigns.