How to Get Clients Now and Fill Your Prospect Pipeline Without Spending a Dime, With Shawn Rhodes

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RhodesHeadshotfromKHPIn all the conversation and literature about marketing we’re always looking to get more prospects and customers. They are the lifeblood of our business.

The main challenge entrepreneurs and businesses have is finding enough customers/clients to buy their product or service and communicating the value that makes them find the money to buy.

Shawn Rhodes has traveled the globe to create powerful messages from the most dangerous places on Earth. Today he teaches entrepreneurs how to bring in more clients.

In this show, you will learn:

How to be the type of person clients want to work with

The most effective thing you can do with your time to get your word out about your products or services

And how to build relationships that will build your business that won’t cost you a dime

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Shawn Rhodes is an award-winning war correspondent, achieving the highest recognition from the United States Marine Corps for combat reporting. Responsible for creating powerful messages from the most dangerous place on Earth, Shawn advised leadership in the Department Of Defense on communication strategy. He is ranked among the top .03% of public speakers in the world for his ability to effectively and passionately influence others with his message. As a speaker, coach and consultant, Shawn works with organizations across America to: •Effectively communicate messages interpersonally and across organizations •Formulate, clarify and connect employees to company mission resulting in increased buy-in •Utilize the mind and body to maximize influence at all levels of an organization •Improve leadership’s ability to influence and inspire •Reconnect individuals and teams with the building blocks of influence – courage, passion and confidence As director of Shoshin Consulting Services in Tampa, Florida, he presents seminars, workshops, and in-house training programs for companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to the largest corporations in America. Shawn is a frequent speaker at regional, national and international conventions. He currently reaches over 100,000 people each week with his articles, podcasts, and online videos. His engaging presentations draw upon his unique experience as a military reporter combined with travel to more than two dozen countries investigating the link between passion and peak performance. Shawn’s programs give leaders the priceless ability to formulate messages and influence organizations of any size. Combat Correspondent His coaching and consulting sessions have helped people and organizations convert challenges into victories, balance personal and professional life, achieve goals, and have the same tenacity, compassion and success Shawn learned from masters of art, business and combat around the world. Stepping outside the box of traditional workshops, Shawn’s style has been called ‘engaging and fun’ because he brings his audiences and coaching clients on a journey of self-realization and inner growth as they learn the mindsets and techniques taught in ancient and modern cultures to overcome the barriers that hold people back from turning their dreams into reality. Shawn’s articles about the warrior mindset and lifestyle have been featured in TIME , CNN and MSNBC, and his programs have been hailed around the world as ‘a clear path to follow in personal and professional life to get the most out of both.’