Financial Intelligence, With Henry Daas

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 12, 2021

Let’s be real – looking after your money is a PAIN. Maybe you’ve already tried. You read a bunch of books, took some (free) seminars, trolled the web and tried your best to craft a plan. You may have even sat with some financial professionals who pitched you on their system or whatnot. They made it seem like rocket science because they want to manage your money for you.

Managing your own money doesn’t have to be complicated – unless you want it to be!

Finance expert, Henry Daas, joins Adam to teach us some tricks on managing our money.


  • What the biggest money ‘trap’ is;
  • Where the money is hiding;
  • What Financial Intelligence is;
  • And so much more!

Ready to become a money expert? Tune in!

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Henry Daas is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, screenwriter, and self-described 'ordinary guy', and now personal finance coach! Born in Brooklyn at the tail end of the Eisenhower years, he has lived his entire life in and around NYC. He has lived his life in and around money, as well - from cutting lawns as a kid to managing a stock portfolio as an adult. And everything in between. He built his consulting business, Daasknowledge, to help provide professional coaching for entrepreneurs & business owners of companies with top line sales under $10M. His debut book, FQ: Financial Intelligence is the culmination of his six decades of financial knowledge and experience. His specialties include consultative advisory, strategic planning, startups, small business, coaching, mentoring, new business development, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, product management, relationship building, and communications.