What Do Fashion and Abused Dogs Have in Common?, With Steven Riznyk

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What do fashion, business and abused dogs have in common? Steven Riznyk.

There are thousands of homeless and abused animals roaming around our country. And it’s people like Steven who do their part to help.

In a unique twist on Business Creators’ Radio, Adam and Steven join together to discuss how and why Steven has created two separate companies both geared toward raising funds to care for abused animals.

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Steven Riznyk is a business lawyer with several distinguishing factors. He is a huge animal lover and has created two companies, Relationships 901, and a fashion company, Antonio Stefano, in order to raise money that supports abused and abandoned dogs. His goal is to raise $20 million to build a diagnostic intensive dog hospital that caters to the public but at the same time 100% of its profits go into a trust account. Whenever a shelter incurs an abused and abandoned dog, that animal will be able to get free diagnostics, free major medical, dental, and even grooming (available only for its free patients). As the hospital becomes more successful, the circumference of coverage will increase.