Culture for the Left-Brained Leader, With Andrew Kim

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on March 8, 2022

Think that processes and systems alone can get your company where it needs to go? Think again!

Imagine having a company or a team that has your back. Not only do they have your back, but they also look out for problems before they occur, conceptualize their own solutions, and
coordinate to get them implemented. They even look at the long-term horizon with you.

The long-term horizon needs to be supported by a strategically built organizational culture, or your bottom line will be impacted. But how do you move the needle on that when it seems so nebulous?

That’s where Andrew Kim steps in.

Plenty of books highlight the importance of culture in successful companies, but they don’t show you how to actually build it, overcome associated challenges, align it with strategy, and leverage that infrastructure for the next level of growth.

In Andrew’s new book, Culture for the Left-Brained Leader, he combines lessons from practical insights to shift this from a vague, undefined concept into a strategic and tactical advantage that you can implement on your own.

Andrew shares his concept and strategies in this interview with Adam.


  • Why the left-brained perspective is valuable
  • Why the left-brained perspective is unique
  • What you can do with this left-brained perspective
  • How to get started
  • And so much more!

These are massive benefits that can make a tremendous impact on your life. Tune in.

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Dr. Andrew YJ Kim is the best-selling author of Culture for the Left Brained Leader and the co-founder of Culture ’n Strategy, an advisory firm that helps companies adapt to the modern era and navigate their growth journey. He brings his extensive experience in his own businesses and guiding organizations through strategic culture transformations. As an expert in culture strategy, Andrew is a sought after advisor and speaker at various platforms around the world and has been hired to keynote leadership strategy summits and teach culture in person for leaders at global MNCs and in universities. His book, Culture for the Left-Brained Leader, is the ultimate guide for organization and culture transformations, and deep dives into the ‘how’, from a business leader’s standpoint.