Building an Agency Around the Concept of Education First, With Colby Flood

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 13, 2022

Colby Flood believes in Education First so much, it’s one of his company’s main values.

In fact, his company, Brighter Click’s mission reads as follows:

Brighter Click’s Mission is to be Education First with all things.

Internal education: We provide our team members with educational courses, webinars, conferences, subscriptions, and coaching sessions to continually grow in their roles. We ask that each team member complete at least one education resource per quarter.

Client-facing education: We’ve created educational videos to increase your knowledge of paid media. We use meeting agendas and weekly email send-outs to educate you on the performance of your account. We also train our account managers to lead all verbal and written communication with education.

Tune in and hear Colby’s answers to questions such as:
  • What do you mean by Education First?
  • How do you educate your client?
  • How will Education First help you to grow your people?
  • And much, much more!

Never stop learning. Tune in. 

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As an in-house marketer, Colby noticed one major issue with the agencies he hired—communication. Colby founded Brighter Click to create an education-first agency that focuses not just on performance but on proactive communication led by education.