Significantly Boost Your Marketing Conversion Rates – with Beverly Bergman

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Beverly BergmanAre you wondering why your marketing copy isn’t making you more money?

Effective copy can easily convert more prospects into buyers and become your most powerful sales force. You’ll spend less time on your business and more time in it!

Beverly Bergman, The Queen of Copywriting, shares how to significantly boost your marketing conversion rates by turning your copy into gold!



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Beverly Bergman is a speaker, teacher, copywriter and consultant who turns marketing content into gold for her clients. She loves to empower entrepreneurs by helping them to get their marketing messages across with greater impact, so they can change more lives, make more money and have more fun doing it! She is an award-winning twenty-year veteran in the marketing industry and is currently teaching copywriting and marketing courses. Beverly is the past president of the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance, a featured author in “The Power of Leadership in Business Networking,” and the author of the E-book: “Squeeze Page Juice: How to Create High-Converting Lead Generation Opt-in Pages!”