10 Key Business Systems That Plug The Money Leaks In Your Business, With Kim Beckers

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kim beckersSystems and strategies are a key component to any successful business. It’s also one of the most misunderstood, and underutilized component. 

Who has time to create systems? 

What exactly is a system anyway? 

Kim Beckers is a systems and strategies expert. She’s going to let us in on: 

  • Why we need systems in our business
  • How easy they can be to create
  • How to effectively implement them in your business

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Kim Beckers is a strategic revenue optimizer that works with successful entrepreneurs around the world to help them optimize their profits, multiply their impact and realize more freedom in their business by connecting the dots between their biz model, systems, team and revenue. She helps the biz owner to get out of working in the business so they can create the legacy business they truly desire allowing them to deepen their ability to influence. She specializes in finding the hidden treasure being lost in your business. Each year more than 23% of businesses fail and one of the biggest reasons is due to money leaks. Money that is literally falling through the cracks between your systems and business structures. Kim helps to plug those leaks.