3 Vital Habits Entrepreneurs Need, With Clay Green

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When you look at any truly successful entrepreneur, they have common themes. They have certain habits in place12030350_10207320547954767_2885200435313512919_othat puts them ahead of everyone else.

Things like, having a strong work/life balance, taking good care of themselves physically and mentally…and so on.

Join Adam and high performance coach, Clay Green to learn what the 3 most vital habits are that every entrepreneur should have.


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I believe life is better when we recognize and accept the significance and unexpected impact our of our base fears and desires. What that means is – there’s always something else going on behind the curtain. Raised in middle ‘merica (Alabama – Roll Tide!), embracing an educational and adventurous lifestyle aboard nuclear submarines, never settling and always pursuing that next challenge led into the engineering and manufacturing mecca of Intel. Mastering technology, manufacturing excellence, systems (both human and capital equipment) optimization, led to embracing other extremes as well! Snowboarding and Sport Motorcycle riding have become passions for life as well! If you haven’t heard about it yet, you have to check out the deer story! The dramatic impact of a deer on a motorcycle at ‘just a tad bit above the speed limit’ dramatically changed my life! It wasn’t a ‘near death’ experience like so many others, nope. I didn’t even CRASH! The marvelous result of this random circumstance was my focus shifted from mastering a variety of external environments to mastering the only real environment – our minds! Over 25 years focused on adult training, combined with the diverse set of experiences in the military and corporate systems – tied with the entrepreneurial spirit present since day one has resulted in the most exciting hour you may ever spend with another human on the planet! Finding out how these understandings, insights, and wisdom can help you overcome your challenges has become my latest passion! Check out the testimonials for further evidence – but the one thing I’ve learned over the years: Don’t Hesitate! Since you read to the end to see what would happen – the good news is – you made it! Now, whatever it is that brought you here, GO DO IT! If you need a hand, if you are struggling to figure out WHY you’re struggling and how to stop, you found one of the best answer men in the world! Reach out today! For now, This link below will take you to the place you can sign up for Get It Done 101, simply the most effective class I’ve found on the internet! 100% of those enrolled and completed GOT IT DONE! (yes, 100%!) If on the other hand you are more interested in finding your perfect mastermind – look no further! Custom Masterminds are setup and managed here too!