3 Simple Steps To Social Media Success, With Sarah Zeldman

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When it comes to social media, there is still an air of mystery and a cloud of confusion. sarah zeldman

  • Does my business have to be active on all of the social media sites?
  • Which social media sites are right for my business?
  • How can I turn social media activity and turn into leads and sales?
  • How can I make a maximum impact in a minimum amount of time?

Sarah Zeldman, The eMarketing Maven, shared with us her 3-Step Formula for Social Media Marketing.

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Sarah Zeldman is a Social Media trainer, speaker and trusted consultant for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. She educates and empowers companies to handle the social media in-house, as part of their regular business routine. She specializes in on-boarding professionals who think they may be too old to master social media, or who might describe themselves as "technophobic". She gets them posting, tweeting, and engaging like a pro!