Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working, With Wayne Mullins

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 26, 2019

Marketing is your ability to attract AND keep customers.

Are your marketing efforts creating enough new customers for you? Do you have systems in place to turn those customers into raving fans?

Marketing and branding is so much more than a cool logo and catchy tagline.

Marketing expert, Wayne Mullins, lives, breathes, and sleeps marketing. He knows all too well that it’s difficult to deliver remarkable results without a clear understanding for the audience the design is intended to communicate with, and what message will resonate with that audience.

Wayne joins Adam in this episode to expose why your marketing may not be working as well as you thought.


  • Why your marketing isn’t working and what you can do to fix it;
  • A few ways to drive conversions and killer growth in your business;
  • Reasons your website may not actually be doing anything to grow your business;
  • How to use social media marketing to deliver more than likes, shares and comments;
  • And so much more!

If you want to turn your marketing into a revenue-generating machine, don’t miss this episode

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Wayne Mullins is the Founder of Ugly Mug Marketing, and a highly sought after marketing consultant, regularly having to turn clients away. He directly influences more than one hundred thousand entrepreneurs annually via his blog, books, and training programs. While making his clients more profitable is an easy motivator, Wayne is also driven by creating value for his clients beyond just the dollars and cents. He is passionate about building a team that isn’t focused on checking off items on to-do lists and completing projects, but instead, on getting results for their clients.