Why Making Life Easier for Employees is the Cornerstone of Great Leadership, With Raj Sundarason

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All too often, business leaders make the mistake of thinking their position’s main goal is the advancement of the company instead of factoring in the main component of their organizations’ success, which is the motivation levels of their direct reports and entry-level employees.

As teams struggle to out-perform, new software offers opportunities to improve business outcomes. Yet millions of dollars and hours of productivity are wasted each year as companies fail to manage change in a cloud technology–led world.

The problem isn’t the people or software—it’s a lack of confidence and knowledge. Enable new ways of working to de-risk and accelerate the potential value from your digital transformation initiatives with Digital Adoption Platforms.

In The DAP Strategy, Raj Sundarason, chief evangelist for the world’s premier DAP provider, shares practical insights to empower leadership teams and employees to master digital tools.

Raj and Adam discuss:

  • Happiness first: Why simple, innovative technology not only makes work more efficient for workers, but improves their quality of life as well
  • Optimization nation: Taking your employees’ organizational headaches seriously to improve workflow, work culture, and customer relationship management
  • Beat the competition: What your organization must do to ensure successful digital transformations for the competitive advantage you need
  • And much more!

Strategic yet nontechnical, this episode is your guide to accelerating capability and unlocking the potential of digital transformation programs for your organization.

The DAP Strategy assessment tool, https://www.dapstrategist.com/start-here/

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Raj Sundarason is the regional vice president and chief evangelist of WalkMe, the world's premier DAP provider, and a pioneer of digital adoption, with over 20 years of experience in digital programs. Fueled by his ideology of the Power of How, he collaborates with international senior leaders to match business challenges with digital adoption program solutions that impact revenue, cost, and risk imperatives. As of 2020, WalkMe has helped over 140 organizations with their digital transformation programs. Learn more at www.dapstrategist.com