Why every single entrepreneur should think of themselves as a celebrity, With Louie La Vella

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Persuading customers that you have what they need is one of the most daunting tasks for any small business owner. louie-lavella-photoBecause you’re super busy operating your baby, it’s hard to keep up with trends in customer behavior. In this episode, media marketing expert Louie La Vella shares some insights that busy entrepreneurs can borrow from the entertainment industry. He breaks down the powerful marketing used in the entertainment industry into a few steps and shares how any small business can apply the same ideas.

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Louie La Vella's clients are entertainment personalities, nightclubs, concerts and festivals, and he creates strategies to make them a lot of money." Working within the ‘shark infested waters’ of the nightlife and music industry as a marketing and branding consultant, La Vella has been delivering high profit solutions to both live entertainment events and venues for years. With 20+ years experience in the nightlife consultant area and extensive development and production experience with national television and feature film projects. Author, Speaker, Event Producer and Coach. La Vella has produced and marketed over 30 live music concerts in the past 24 months.