Virtual Event Promotion & Marketing, With Daniel Moss and Michelle Garrison

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 18, 2022

Much like a child, who “grows-up” from an infant, to adolescent, and to a mature adult. Your business needs to mature & evolve through 3 stages.

At this moment, hundreds of webinars, online gatherings and virtual events are being dreamed up on Zoom, Google Meet, and random new conferencing tools by event planners in makeshift offices all over the world. They hope for riveting content, engaging audiences, and tons of sales.

At this moment, hundreds of attendees are logging off, distracted by social media, and completely forgetting about that online event. They’re muting webinars and walking away and scrolling straight past event announcements.

In this world of infinite content, what does it take for an event to stand out?

Daniel Moss and Michelle Garrison specialize in empowering organizations to host more meaningful, inspiring events online.

They join Adam to share how they helped clients 2X, 5X, and even 7X their in person attendance.


  • Common mistakes see organizers make with their virtual events
  • Main benefits of “going virtual” over producing an in-person event
  • How to make virtual more exciting/engaging/interactive for online attendees
  • Helpful tips on how to get people to show up
  • Thoughts about the future of the event industry
  • And much more!

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that virtual events are the way to go. Ready to create yours? Tune in!

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We Empower Organizations to Host More Meaningful, Inspiring Events Online. We & Goliath redefines virtual experiences. Our full-service formula combines smart strategy, platform savvy and innovative video that captivates, awes and inspires. Whether you want just livestream production or full-service virtual event management including event planning, technology, and marketing strategy for a multi-day event ... we can help tackle your Goliath. Michelle is serial entrepreneur, digital strategist, and creative director, who’s started companies and campaigns on the edge of sustainability and community-building trends for the last 20 years. As a consultant, she’s helped companies reach triple-digit growth. her projects have been featured in The Boston Globe, Washington Post, New Life Journal, HGTV, Dwell Magazine, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Daniel Moss is a senior event strategist with over 20 years of experience leading and training agency and nonprofit teams. He’s designed digital campaigns for large online and in-person events supported by lead nurturing automation, omnichannel retargeting, and conversion rate optimization. His clients have experienced 7X attendance online vs in-person, 5X monthly email signups, hundreds of #1 search engine rankings, and 53% conversion rate boosts increasing revenue by $43,000/mo.