Veteran Owned Business, With Zachary Leyden

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on October 31, 2023

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Free Rides for Veterans

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Zachary Leyden uniquely blends the worlds of tech, equestrian artistry, and business. Stemming from his early years in the military post-2009, he matured swiftly, grasping leadership lessons that guide his ventures today. Concurrently pursuing higher education, he harmonized college life with a fervor for competitive horse riding. By 2014, this passion for horses had evolved into a business venture, and a few years later, he managed to secure a contract for a major horse facility in Sacramento. In 2021, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to partner in a distinctive winery/horse ranch- Zachary’s “fail forward” mentality allowed him to cut losses on that venture and move forward on a recently acquired horse stable venture in the Bay Area. As a computer science student set to obtain his masters in 2025, Zachary approaches the world of equestrianism and business with a unique, tech-savvy perspective. His passion lies not just in bettering horsemanship practices, but also in enhancing business systems for optimum functionality and efficiency. Open to connecting with individuals sharing interests in horses, business, and tech, Zachary extends an invitation to anyone intrigued by the intersections of these fields. Whether you're drawn by the clatter of hooves, the art of leadership, or the world of coding, Zachary Leyden offers a rich, multi-faceted perspective.