Upping Your Motivation to Make Your Venture Successful – Even If You’ve Failed Before, With Nick Kennedy

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Leadership is exhausting in every way.

Even if you’re “successful,” it’s tempting to hang it up—because you’re tired of people looking to you for all the answers, tired of pretending you have your act together, tired of worrying about cashflow, or tired of listening to the “you’re not good enough” tapes playing in your head.

Don’t quit.

No one else can bring to the world what you have to offer.

As a go-getter entrepreneur or executive leader, there’s no worse feeling than stuck.

Nick Kennedy knows this all too well he’s been where you are, and he absolutely understands how frustrating it is to want more… and have no earthly idea how to get it.

Eventually, Nick cracked the code—launching, building, and selling a multi-million-dollar airline will teach a guy a few lessons.

Join Nick and Adam to discover:

  • Finding Your Drive: practices to up your motivation and continue to fight for a successful venture – even if you’ve failed in the past
  • Acquiring 101: Should you put in the work to acquire a company, or begin one from scratch? Nick discusses ways to determine if an acquisition is the right move for business growth
  • The Obituary Exercise: You’ll live for thousands of days, but only ten of those will be remembered – how to make sure they’re the ones you want to be known for and build your legacy right
  • Exit Survival Mode: Nick details ways to get your business out of survival mode without sacrificing your values or vision
  • And much more!

Being successful at business isn’t about conquering the world; it’s about conquering yourself. Ready?

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Nick Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and an executive life coach with over 20 years of experience building successful ventures. After accumulating over two million airline miles traveling for work while losing hours of productivity and family time, Nick founded RISE, an airline using private planes to give time back to busy executives that was acquired by Surf Air. He now coaches high-powered executives to become fully integrated spouses, parents, and businesspeople. Learn more at www.nickkennedycoaching.com.