Time Really Is Money: How to Work for $5,000 Per Hour, With Rob Slee

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Rob Slee

Every entrepreneur knows the value of working smarter not harder. The struggle of how to spend your time most wisely is a very real one. Join us as Rob Slee shares his strategies for how business owners can become wealthier by working on more valuable hourly activities. His secret: only engage in issues where you can add substantial value.

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Rob Slee is an author, investment banker, mentor and business owner. Rob has authored more than three hundred articles on private finance topics in a variety of legal and business journals. Rob has also written 5 books. Private Capital Markets is considered the seminal work in finance for private companies. His current book is: Time Really Is Money: How To Work For $5,000 Per Hour. Rob has owned equity positions in more than 3 dozen mid-sized private businesses, and he has mentored more than 100 companies. He recently completed his first unicorn. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Miami University, and received a Master's degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University. But Rob is still best known as the father of Jen and Jessie Slee, his identical twin daughters.