The Missing Half of Goal Setting, With Megan Dahle

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 3, 2020

Every business owner needs to be able to answer these three questions: Where are you? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there?

In the world of small business, many entrepreneurs are running on the same hamster wheel. They’re working their tails off to bring in more revenue, but that never seems to translate to actual growth, stability, or money in their pockets.

After 16 years in the accounting world, Megan Dahle has seen it all. And she’s learned one very valuable lesson that most business owners don’t realize.

The answer to their problems lies in the numbers. Joining Adam for this uplifting episode, Megan shares very valuable information to help you transform your business into a money making machine!


  • Why the answer is in the numbers;
  • What numbers we’re actually talking about;
  • How your financials can paint a clear picture about your business;
  • And so much more!

If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel, don’t miss this episode!

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Lightbulb moments are my favorite thing. When my clients finally SEE what the numbers mean, it’s like watching one of those videos where colorblind people put on those special glasses and can see color for the first time. It’s magical! Those magical moments have appeared in many parts of my life, and that’s how I know I’m on the path God designed for me. Things that start as devastating disasters turn into something beautiful. It’s these transformations that make me believe all things are possible. But since I’m from the accounting world, I guess I should talk about credentials and stuff. I earned my Masters of Professional Accountancy after falling in love with how numbers became so tidy within accounting systems. For me it just clicked. But what I discovered when translating financial information to others is that they couldn’t see the picture in my head that the numbers created. So I needed to find ways to paint that picture for them, and Getting Your Money Right was born. On the personal side, I adore my family, relish the short garden season (get it? “relish”?), and play a lot of bridge. I’m not as old as my hobbies and hair would make you think.