The 5 Principles of Intentional Growth, With Ryan Tansom

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Imagine a world where you are rewarded for all the sacrifice and risks you’ve taken by owning a business.

One where you have clarity on what you want long-term and are excited about the progress you are making toward that vision.

Picture knowing what your business is worth today, how effectively your strategies and investments are growing the value of your company, and having the ability to project your business’s value years into the future.

You’ve risked and sacrificed a lot. It shouldn’t be this difficult to make progress and create wealth, enjoy work, and make an impact.

Ryan Tansom’s Intentional Growth™ is a framework to help business owners clarify their path toward a more valuable business and turn their vision into reality.

By learning how companies are valued, how to increase that value, and the variety of ways to transition your role or exit your ownership, you can intentionally grow the value of your business with an end in mind.

By prioritizing strategies that help you make progress, you can create more wealth, enjoy work more, and make an impact.

Ryan teams up with Adam to discuss:

  • Ryan’s story of selling the family business and creating Arkona.
  • Your Drivers – Why it is so important for owners to know what they want from their business and why.
  • Financial Targets – 3 financial targets an owner should identify, monitor and measure.
  • Increase Value – The 8 functional areas (value drivers) of a business.
  • And so much more!

Quit wasting time and money implementing strategies that don’t increase the value of your business and get you closer to your goals. Tune in…

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Ryan Tansom started his entrepreneurial career at his family business where he was the Executive VP and responsible for the strategic, operational, and financial strategy of the $21 Million company. Ryan helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategies which enabled it to be sold for 8 figures to a local competitor in 2014. Ryan took his experience and founded Arkona to create the Intentional Growth™ Framework which helps owners grow the value of their company with the end in mind through educational training, fractional CFO services and strategic planning. Ryan also hosts the popular Intentional Growth™ podcast that has 250+ episodes, 360k+ downloads and guests like Gino Wickman, John Warrillow, and the editors of HBR and Inc. Magazine.