Selling With Authentic Persuasion, With Jason Cutter

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 18, 2020

Does it feel like you are stuck in your sales career?

You deserve to create the sales career that you want, with the income to show for it. So many factors must come together for a sale to have even a chance of being completed. And if certain factors are not aligned right in advance, the sale may never come to fruition.

Jason Cutter is known as a Sales Success Architect. He joins Adam to help you fulfill the successful vision of your business.


  • How to create consistent sales results (not high-highs and deep slumps);
  • How to help people buy your company’s product without feeling like you’re pushing them into it;
  • Why a sales system or framework is so important;
  • How to sell with persuasion;
  • And so much more!

If you want to embrace your sales role, do it well, enjoy what you do for a living, and get rewarded for it, then this episode is for you!

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CEO of Cutter Consulting Group and founder of the Authentic Persuasion methodology, Jason is a sales success architect. He works with sales managers and sales reps, helping them craft, hone, and refine their sales infrastructure. Everything from training, to scripting, to CRM systems Jason’s goal is to take people from Order Taker to Quota Breaker