The Secret to Sales Confidence (especially for the non-salesy), With Phyllis Nichols

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Phyllis Nichols

We’re sure you’d agree that experiencing rejection can be emotionally difficult and stressful. Sometimes it keeps us from letting the world know about the great products and services we have to offer. Phyllis Nichols will talk with us about building sales confidence and why it’s important, not only to your business but for your whole life. Her passion for helping other’s claim their confidence is evident as she guides us toward taking ownership and responsibility for the talents and knowledge and skills we’ve been given and earned. Your success in business and in life will grow with your confidence!

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Founder of SoundAdvice Sales and Marketing a company that helps entrepreneurs build their business infusing sales strategies with a daily action plan, Phyllis has a passion for sales, telling stories that inspire and empowering others to embrace their potential. She uses her expertise to help creative entrepreneurs grow revenue resources, and infuse confidence and creativity to tell their marketing stories.