The Rise of the Digital Renaissance Experts, With Michelle Collins

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Michelle Collins

Have you ever wondered how you can create environments that better respond to the consumer? How can you give your customers a sensory experience that will stick with them when the interact with your product or service? These are important questions as we plunge ahead in getting our message out there. And in a digital age, the possibilities are endless. Michelle M. Collins will talk with Adam about her work as a digital designer, give us a peek into the future, and tell us how the Digital Renaissance is impacting our brands.

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Michelle M. Collins is an Entrepreneur, President of Entre Vous Inc. and founder of {A Non-Agency}, a Creative Consultancy formed by a Collective of Designers, Technologists, Lighting and Spatial Architects. As a Digital Creative Director, Strategist, and Executive Producer, she brings a rare blend of business management and experience design vision. Her showcase of work includes Diesel, Microsoft, Perry Ellis, Kate Spade, Uniqlo, Chloe, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue. When she's not creating digital wonders, she's an avid wine enthusiast. As a wine enthusiast, she hosts wine events and showcases some of her favorite wine finds.