Rethinking How to Appeal to Consumers Using Cognitive Science, With Sandeep Dayal

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on February 22, 2022

With new information to draw on from the cognitive sciences, marketers have discovered that many old branding methods are actually ineffective. For instance, scare tactics, like those often used in anti-smoking or substance misuse campaigns, can trigger the behavior they’re designed to prevent.

Despite the hype around increasing market competitivity, consumer attention span is not getting shorter. In fact, subconsciously they are as long as ever before. Additionally, marketers that can re-imagine their brands around the stories that consumers want to tell can create lasting bonds with them.  

Savvy marketers are now turning to the cognitive sciences to understand exactly how the brain works and leveraging that knowledge to forge conscious and subconscious connections with consumers. This cutting-edge approach enables marketers to engage consumers more viscerally. The result: the creation of truly iconic brands. 

Now, success in branding means aligning the brands to consumers’ innate instincts — those formed from the hidden biases and beliefs assimilated by the brain over a lifetime of experiences and aspirations. And when that alone is not enough, recoding consumers’ brains and laying down new wiring to enable them to accept your brand comes down to finding ways to trigger the deliberative processes within the brain.  

Sandeep Dayal is a seasoned marketing and strategy leader. Joining Adam, he shares what’s out and what’s in when it comes to branding.


  • What’s wrong with the old way of branding
  • How cognitive brands are different from traditional brands
  • Why brands can win with empathy or values versus differentiation alone
  • How brands can use resolve to drive purchases
  • How brands that are experiential and sensory drive repeat buying
  • What the ethical implications are in appearing to control consumer’s minds
  • And so much more!

Consumers are changing and your branding has to change with them. Are you up to date?

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Sandeep Dayal is a seasoned marketing and strategy leader at the consulting firm Cerenti Marketing Group. He serves as a counselor to C-suite executives and board members at Global Fortune 500 companies and has helped clients build blockbuster brands in markets spanning the EU, Latin America, Asia and the US. He has co-authored articles in Marketing Management, McKinsey Quarterly and Strategy+Business. His new book is Branding Between the Ears: Using Cognitive Science to Build Lasting Consumer Connections (McGraw-Hill, Nov. 30, 2021). Learn more at