Nerds Do it Better, With Adam Lundquist

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on November 5, 2019

Users Do Not Search For Keywords

In the real world, there is no such thing as a keyword. Keywords are simply a term that internet marketers and Google made up as a way to conceptualize targeting in PPC advertising. Keywords are how Google allows you to choose what real-world searches (called search queries) your ads match to. These search queries may be the same as the keywords you select for your AdWords campaign, though often they are very different.

The difference between the keywords you entered in the AdWords system and the actual search query a user typed, is why even though you have words that customers told you they search for as keywords, you still suffer from a low click-through rate and terrible quality scores.

Adam Lundquist consistently delivers paid search campaigns utilizing advanced statistical analysis developed at Harvard. He joins Adam to show us how to make our ads deliver far better than our expectations.


  • How a business owner can acquire new clients online;
  • How business owners can leverage conversion momentum to draw users to sales calls;
  • Some ways to use online marketing to achieve tangible business results;
  • Tips for writing high-quality clickable ads;
  • And much more!

If would you like to learn how to get more customers on a consistent basis, in a cost-effective way, listen in!

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Adam Lundquist, a Harvard-educated agency owner and former radio shock jock from Santa Barbara radio. When Adam published one of his interviews on a newly-formed platform called YouTube, it became one of the first viral videos, sparking his initial interest in the power of the internet, as well as internet marketing. Adam has been featured on traditional media like MTV, VH1, and the Best Damn Sports Show. He’s taken his knowledge of traditional media translated it successfully into new media as a featured author in Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero, and WordStream, amongst others. His company Nerds Do it Better consistently delivers paid search campaigns utilizing advanced statistical analysis developed at Harvard. With this method, Adam and his team are able to remove inefficiencies in marketing and generate more customers on a consistent basis in a cost-effective way.