Mastering the Creative-Strategic Balance to Achieve Business Goals, With Michelle Zak

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on July 18, 2023

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Michelle Zak is the owner and designer of Four Tabs Design, a web design studio specializing in strategic Shopify website design for artists and creatives looking to grow and scale their businesses through e-commerce. She helps her clients increase conversions and streamline business processes through Shopify web design, website management, and e-commerce consulting. The creatives she works with can expect to sell more products, diversify their revenue streams, and optimize their back-end business processes. As a result, clients not only increase their bottom line, but also become more confident in their businesses. Michelle's journey to becoming a website designer was not a direct one. After serving in the Army for 11 years, she found herself exploring her creative side and discovered a passion for web design. She didn't realize how critical her background of planning, organizing, and creating systems as an Army officer was until she saw how using those skills in web design consistently drove results for her clients. Web design was a complete 180-degree turn from her previous career, but finding this passion has transformed Michelle's life and given her a renewed sense of purpose.