How To Market To Millionaires, With Kelly O’Neil

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kelly oneilMost of us would love to be able to land those clients that are 7 figures and above. But the marketing we use for the smaller entrepreneur doesn’t work when you are targeting high 6 to 7 figures and above.

How do you catch their attention?

What language works and what doesn’t?

What makes a millionaire buy?

Kelly O’Neil is a master strategist who knows the ins and outs of reaching the affluent. In this episode, she shares that wisdom to help you get a head start on marketing to millionaires.

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Kelly is a master strategist on how to create remarkable results and position yourself and your business in the marketplace to create more profitability and brand awareness. She is the CEO of a strategic coaching, training and branding firm with over 20 years' experience working with Fortune 500 companies, Start-Ups, Small Businesses and Celebrities. Kelly teaches courses and consults with clients all over the world and is passionate about helping conscious entrepreneurs tap in to their brilliance and change the world.