Make Your Business a Success, With Sri Chellappa

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 12, 2022

Growing a successful business relies on many different components. But your biggest asset is going to be your staff.

Your employees can be your biggest champions. But only if they are engaged and believe in the organization.

Employee engagement can help organizations tremendously. An engaged workforce reduces attrition, improves performance and can help an organization thrive through rain or shine.

How can you improve engagement your organization? And what are the best practices for improved employee engagement?

Srikant Chellapa joins Adam to discuss:

  • How leaders should think about managing today’s workplace
  • Why people are quitting in such large numbers
  • What it takes to make a startup successful
  • How you can scale instantly with freelancers
  • And much more!

Your business is your baby…watch it grow and be successful. Tune in.

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Srikant Chellappa is the President and Co-Founder of Engagedly, an INC 5000 company. Its people strategy management software redefines performance management, employee engagement and development to enable organizations to build highly engaged, high performance teams. He has spent over 20 years leading organizations in technology and consulting in the United States with 2 business exits, is a Forbes contributor, Top 50 Tech visionary, and recognized as a Titan 100 in the St. Louis business district. Chellappa brings a diverse set of experiences across industries and leading people in business and art to build effective teams that punch above their weight class. His unique background includes: technology, people management, healthcare, and IT. Sri also is a filmmaker having made 7 feature films/documentaries and currently runs music production studio as well, working with bands and Indie artists in the St. Louis region.