Leader by Accident, With Jim Rafferty

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 9, 2022

An unimaginable tragedy suddenly and unexpectedly placed Jim Rafferty in a demanding volunteer leadership role. The story of how that shattered organization picked up the pieces and not only survived but thrived forms the basis of his book, Leader by Accident.

Suddenly let go a few years later from the job he’d held for more than two decades, Jim came to realize that the challenges and lessons he’d encountered as a youth leader had applications far beyond scouting. He used those experiences to fuel a successful journey into entrepreneurship.

As a Scoutmaster, Jim imparted dozens of bite-sized chunks of inspiration and life advice to the young men of the troop. Leader by Accident transforms those lessons into life advice for business leaders.

In this episode, Jim and Adam discuss:

  • What it was like being thrust into a demanding volunteer leadership role without warning
  • What the lessons were that helped him quickly adapt, succeed, and thrive in this role
  • How this seemingly thankless position brought him to entrepreneurship
  • What kind of nuggets translate to actionable steps for business leaders
  • The life-changing effects of a step out of your comfort zone
  • The vital role of language in a healthy organizational culture
  • What leadership is … and what it isn’t
  • Why cultivating a sense of gratitude is more important than ever
  • And so much more!

Have you ever had a leadership baptism by fire? Don’t miss Jim’s story.

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Jim is the author of Leader by Accident: Lessons in Leadership, Loss and Life from Morgan James Publishing. He's Principal of JMRketing, LLC a marketing and communications consultancy in Baltimore, Maryland, and a former radio announcer and program director.