Increase Your Margins: Small Changes, Big Results for Your Business, With Martin Holland

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on December 22, 2020

If you knew that increasing your margins 1% would increase your profit 15%, would you do it?

If you knew that increasing your sales 17% would double your profit, would you do it?

If you knew why you are always short of cash, would you do something about it?

Of course you would… if you knew.

Success requires business owners to have vision, information and skill, and to exercise good judgement across many disciplines. It is not likely that a single business owner can be highly skilled in all areas of business. However, with the proper guidance and leadership, it is possible for a business to be good in all areas.

Most business owners do not have time to set out a clear vision or to provide guidance because they are trapped by the daily demands of running a business. As Michael Gerber says, owners are too busy working in the business to work on the business.

Martin Holland is joining Adam to stop you from working in your business so you can work on your business.
  • The astonishing power of small changes;
  • How a 1% improvement will increase profit 15%;
  • How increasing sales by 17% will double net profit;
  • How small discounts can destroy your business;
  • How to use financial information to make better decisions and more money;
  • And so much more!!

If it’s time to stop working in your business and increase your margin by working on your business, then this is a must listen to episode!

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Martin Holland, award-winning business coach, has four decades of experience as a successful business owner and teacher and has taught over 300 small businesses how to increase profit and cash flow. Martin earned a BA degree from Hastings College and an MBA degree from the University of Oklahoma. He cohosts the Cash Flow Contractor podcast and has written over a hundred articles on small business topics for publications such as Forbes Coaches Council. Martin resides in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife, Diane.