How To Get Free Exposure For Your Internet Business, With Tom Hunt

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The Internet marketing game is changing:

  • Google is getting to good to game (you now actually need to create good content)
  • Content creation is proliferating (Everybody and their dog is pumping out blog posts/videos)
  • The worlds greatest paid traffic source is getting too expensive (Facebook are killing it with their ad platform, attracting the big spenders)

So where does that leave us Internet Entrepreneurs?

We can no longer keyword stuff average articles, pay for dodgy backlinks or just rely on Facebook to bring us dirt cheap leads.

Instead, we must become crafty, to find other ways of gathering mass attention to our content, and ultimately our businesses.

We must become ultra specific with the group of people that we help, create content that moves them emotionally and then promote it intelligently.

Joining Adam is Tom Hunt who shares with us his methods for getting exposure for your business…for FREE!

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I am a TEDx Speaker, Dragons' Den Failure & Internet Entrepreneur. Before that I studied Chemistry @ Imperial College London and followed the herd to a management consulting job in the City Of London. I got bored, built Virtual Valley (online marketplace connecting online entrepreneurs and Filipino Virtual Assistants) from scratch whilst travelling the world and sold 90% of it. Meanwhile, I invested the majority of my net worth in Bitcoin and a few other companies. I believe that entrepreneurship, marketing and decentralisation are becoming increasingly important and therefore write about them here: