How to Create Your Million Dollar Virtual Summit, With Liam Austin

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on August 4, 2020

With COVID-19 changing the way we conduct business, more and more organizations are creating virtual events and conferences.

Instead of physical booths and vendors trying to sell their products to you, a virtual event allows you to meet and interact with other people by signing up for an online event platform, logging into the conference room, and watching the speakers present their knowledge in the form of a live or recorded video. You don’t even have to leave your desk for this.

Almost every business can use virtual conferences as a marketing tactic.

Virtual Summit expert, Liam Austin, joins Adam to share how virtual conferences can help you grow your business in this new digital world.


  • What exactly a virtual summit is;
  • If virtual summits will replace trade shows and conferences;
  • What kind of topics work for online conferences and virtual summits;
  • If it’s really possible to break $1 Million in sales for a virtual summit;
  • And so much more!

Wondering how exactly a virtual conference can work for your business? Tune in!

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Liam Austin is a virtual event strategist, having launched over 15 virtual summits and online business networking events, hosting over 400 speakers whilst educating 100,000+ business owners through his programs. As the co-founder of Entrepreneurs HQ, Liam is a specialist at making it easy for people to create their own online summits and virtual conferences.