How to Create a Connection Between Your Brand and Your B2B Customer, With Paul Cash

Filed in Podcasts, Previous Episodes on May 24, 2022

Humans are driven by feelings, which means that B2B marketers need to sell the emotional benefits of buying a product, not the practical ones. Gallup research shows that only 29 percent of B2B customers feel fully engaged with the businesses they buy from. 

When B2B decision makers don’t have an emotional connection with the companies from which they do business, they’re unlikely to stay loyal customers.   

Customers don’t want to be bombarded with facts and figures, jargon and tech speak. They yearn for a sense of emotional connection that makes them feel special — and makes them feel good about choosing a particular company’s product. Engagement is a critical factor because companies with the highest levels of it also have 72 percent more fully bought-in customers. And once they’ve bought into a company, they are willing to pay a higher price for its products.  

Paul Cash is the go-to-guy for B2B marketing in the UK.

He joins Adam to share indispensable advice for engaging customers on a human level, including:

  • How neuroscience proves that people buy on emotion and justify with facts
  • How to move from selling the practical benefits to selling the emotional benefits of buying a product
  • How to determine what language and ideas will resonate with and ignite customers’ loyalty
  • How to harness the power of storytelling to differentiate your company from the competition
  • How to back up your company’s purpose with action and commitment
  • And so much more!

It’s time to step up how you connect with your B2B customers…join us!

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Paul Cash is Founder and CEO of the multi-award-winning marketing agency, Rooster Punk, the go-to name in B2B storytelling in the United Kingdom. James Trezona, Managing Director, came to Rooster Punk from Microsoft’s UK agency. Rooster Punk has worked with such clients as Cisco, Funding Circle, HP and Samsung to build human connections between companies, employees, and customers. It won The Drum’s B2B Agency of the Year award in 2021. Cash and Trezona’s new book is Humanizing B2B: The New Truth in Marketing That Will Transform Your Brand and Your Sales (Practical Inspiration Publishing, April 27, 2021). Learn more at or I’d be happy to send a print-ready article, “How to Create a Connection Between Your Brand and Your B2B Customer,” to send a review copy of their new book, or to arrange for an interview with Paul Cash and James Trezona.